Effective Websites

Content is king
There is little point in having a website which utilises cutting edge technology to deliver a flawed product. That product is not the item or service your organisation offers, it is the information to be imparted. If that information is second rate, poorly articulated, awkward to access, or not regularly refreshed you have a flawed product.
Beware information overload
Simplicity is the essence of good communication. Clarity and refinement of message is crucial, as is a clean and simple design. Every website author has a huge amount to say; every website has many messages it wants to get across. Messaging needs to be selective, succinct, and delivered in easily assimilated bite-sized chunks.
Instant gratification
When visitors land on a website they take seconds to decide whether to delve further: they need instant gratification. Your site has to persuade them to stay in just those few seconds, or they’ll move on. Your visitors need to feel comfortable and at ease: intimidate them with gaudy graphics, flashy animations, distracting clutter, or over-complicated messages that threaten verbal indigestion, and you’ll lose them.
Usability reigns supreme
The navigation of your site needs to be intuitive to the user. If you’re going to present your visitors with a quiz as to where they should go next, or cause them to wonder what is meant by a particular phrase, term or abbreviation, then you’ll lose them. So the links and progression path need to be logical and seamless. Achieving that is a science, but the outcome is an art form.
Writing for an on online audience
This is a quite different exercise than any other sort of writing. It needs to be succinct and crystal clear; it needs to adjust to users’ preferences and browsing habits. Visual aesthetics are important: line length, paragraphing, legibility, typography, colour, texture and tone all require careful thought. Get it wrong and you’ve failed.

How I can help…

  • Website design and build with embedded social media streams
  • Clean, minimalist, intuitive websites that are effective
  • Websites with responsive design that look great on all devices – desktop, tablets and mobile – just like this one!
  • Have a website but just need to ensure its content is kept fresh, engaging and relevant?

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