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Being an Ambassador

I am proud to have become one of the first volunteer ambassadors for Bridgend County. Where’s that and what’s it all about? The county covers 110 square miles, lying at the geographical heart of south Wales, roughly equidistant between Swansea and Cardiff. It’s a diverse area stretching from the upland, rugged former coal mining valleys […]

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London Masonic Walk

It’s astonishing how vestiges of masonic influence abound in contemporary London and are, for the most part, simply taken for granted. But let’s step back a little. To what extent did freemasonry contribute to British global supremacy in the 18th and 19th centuries? I recently came across an excellent book on this subject: Builders of […]

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Village within a city

One of the joys of living in London is stumbling across a part or aspect of the city which you hitherto had no idea existed. I recently joined a group to be given a guided tour of Temple Church in the heart of the city – the medieval Knight Templars’ headquarters in Britain. Despite its […]

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